Sunday, November 22, 2015

Door Chapter 2: transititions

Chapter 2, transitions

   It really felt more to Lucy that the door pulled her in more than she pushed it open.  Before she could move the door pushed her inside and slammed shut behind her with a resounding boom.  Standing in the darkness she scrunched her eyes adjusting to the dim light.  She realized she was in a dark hallway.  There was a light glow at the end of the hallway.  She couldn’t tell how far away it was, it was hard for her to judge the distance in the darkness.  Lucy looked for the source of the dim light in the hallway and saw that a faint light that seemed to come from small strings on lights on either side of the hallway floor.  They faintly outlined the hallway, reminding her of the runners on the floor at movie theatres.  They glowed a faint brown color in the darkness.
   She turned around, looking for the door, she felt she was obviously not supposed to be here.  Groping the wall behind her she looked for a door knob.  She couldn’t find anything that resembled a handle or knob.  She fingered the edges, looking for hinges or even the outline of the door.  The wall seemed perfect.  The door that had admitted her here was no longer there.  A brief moment of panic seized her before she forced herself to turn around, breathing deep.  
   There really was no use panicking about this right now, Lucy thought.  She would just have to find another way out and apologize profusely to anyone who was offended by her trespass.
   She thought about the fact that the door was gone.  She knew she should be afraid.  That being afraid of a disappearing door in this kind of situation would be rational.  Justified, even.  But she wasn’t afraid.  For some reason, even though she was in this weird situation, even though the door was completely gone though it had nowhere to disappear to, besides the fact that she had just gone through the whole situation with Dick, she was not upset.  Except for the brief moment of panic, she felt oddly calm where normally she would be, no should be, feeling fear, anger, anything but strangely complacent.  

Door chapter 1 rough

Every story has a beginning.  This story begins with a door.  

 The Door in question is just a plain door, standing alone in a sea of bland colored bricks.  It is basic in design, common place among other doors.  If The Door was in a line up of doors, you wouldn’t notice The Door ever.  It is that plain and undistinguishable.  No one will stop to look at this door and wonder what it contains.  Its windowless boundaries offer no cause for attention whatsoever, nothing that would intrigue a passerby to investigate.  
 The Door is brown, windowless, almost exactly matching in color to the bricks around it.  It lines a building that was a long boring brick run with windows two floors up.  On the right corner of the building was a small unremarkable deli, the left side was an out-of-business hardware store.  And nothing but brick and The Door in between.  
  Our plain Door, the one that begins this tale, has a purpose.  The Door, as most doors are, is a barrier, a gateway from one place to another. Its job is to protect this gateway from attention, a job it does quite well.  In fact, The Door is so unnoticeable, so drab and plain, that unless someone knew exactly what to look for, where to look for it, they would never find it.  The Door was there simply to keep people who didn’t need to know about it from ever finding it.  Needless to say, The Door was very good at its job.  
 To clarify when this story starts, it begins when she finds the door for the first time, mostly because she was hopelessly lost.  

 Lucy was late, lost and strangely enough, laughing.